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Intimidated. Confused. Nervous.

Most people use these words to describe how they feel when they complete their applications or attending interviews at the Canadian Consulate/ Embassy. Chances are, they are unsure what they are supposed to fill in on the application forms, what to do, and what will happen after submission.

Kei to Canada Inc. is an internationally-recognized Canadian Immigration Consultation Centre with offices and contacts in many countries including Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Taiwan, Russia and India. The company is established in response to the ever-increasing complexity of immigration policies and procedures within Canada and abroad.

Most government immigration processes are more complex than it appears. Kei to Canada Inc. has developed a strong reputation for being honest, candid, efficient, and provide thorough explanation. Its team has in-depth experience in assessing, auditing and processing Skilled Worker, Family Class, Investor, Entrepreneur, Self-Employed, Humanitarian & Compassionate, Provincial Nominee Program, Temporary Resident Visa and Citizenship cases.

We are well acquainted with the Canadian Immigration Act & Regulations, Government of Canada Procedure Manuals and Operations Memorandums. Every client at Kei to Canada Inc. will fully benefit from our personal and professional skills and receive prompt attention and dedication. As always, every case is treated with absolute confidentiality.

In addition, Kei to Canada Inc. works closely with a team of reputable immigration lawyers, professional consultants and financial advisors to assist clients throughout these intricate channels.

With high confidence, our organization can provide you with efficient and timely response to your immigration concerns and address your needs. We look forward to discuss this opportunity of working with you.